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Why Blarebot?

Blarebot is the landing page generator that gets you up and running in no time. 

You can try it out here.

How does it work?
You fill out a form with some questions and a website gets generated for you.

The questions/writing prompts will help walk you through the content of the page. The focus will be on describing what your product and service does in a few sentences.

On the generator page, you will see that we have borrowed some copywriting tips from companies such as Mailchimp and Stripe to fuel your inspiration.

Is it free?
Blarebot is free to use at the moment. We plan to have premium themes that will be free with attribution, or without branding for a small nominal fee. Here is a screenshot of a work-in-progress template. 

Premium Themes & Templates


Blarebot for Agencies

Use Blarebot to build websites at scale. We provide you with a quick way to manage your content and design assets, share them for feedback and bill clients under your brand.

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