Here we dive into Slack's landing page, explore the techniques they've used to build trust, showcase the product's best features and address any objections that any prospects may have. Let's break it down into section by section and see where you can pick up certain elements to use in your product or service business.


Less is More: The menu provides quick access to the commonly asked questions on pricing, Slack's benefits as well as enterprise-focused messaging.

Hero Image

Oneliner: Here you see a attention-grabbing headline followed by what Slack does in one sentence. Your above-the-fold messaging should focus on your key value proposition. But what does "power... to do your best work" really mean? They're still teasing out the efficiency gain here, and it's answered in the next section.


Benefits, not features: 5 quick benefits are mentioned here around team work, file sharing, video calling and integration with other project management tools from Asana. A quick Call-To-Action is provided to see a demo and explore further.

Top of the Funnel

Customer Qualification: You don't want to scare away a large order by slapping down some pricing right away. This link here takes the website visitor through a different flow. The follow-up page nurtures the visitor into thinking about security and addresses any concerns that may come up with per-seat by offering up unlimited workspaces and the chance to talk to a live person. 

Client Logos

Social proof: Here you see other big wigs using the service. So if your job is on the line and you're gunning for that next promo, here's some piece of mind that others in your boat are teaming up with Slack for the same reasons you might be looking to address.

Customer Stories

Long-form: In case you haven't been convinced, here's a chance to follow up on links to whitepapers and other marketing materials and learn more. This adds to the length of the page, and some stand by this long-form content to drive purchase decisions.

Call To Action

No strings attached: Always ask for your visitors' business at least twice. At the beginning where you got their interest, and at the end of your pitch. Here you see Slack's CTA for trial users and for Enterprise.


Flat Navigation: Your Footer addresses any other concerns or questions they have may. Here you may link to your company page where your visitors can learn more. Information like the company page, news about their latest round of funding, and information on hiring will build further trust in your prospects. This news also legitimizes that Slack's business is far from a fly-by-night operation.


The key takeaways here are that minimalism and simplicity make pages easy to skim and to understand. Don't forget to edit your page slugs to get that search engine juice. 

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