Modern websites for businesses

Businesses large or small are free to use this template for personal and commercial uses.

A fully responsive site

Quickly iterate through your company's product offerings. Save time searching for fonts, colors and writing code. This template saves you a good 5 hours of time better spent on your business. And it's the only place on the internet where you'll find it. It has been written with the best practices in the world of HTML and CSS. For non-technical founders, these placeholders will help you focus on the content of your website and do away with decision paralysis. Here's one more sentence for good measure, because I'd like to drag out the Lorem Ipsum.

Designed for non-technical entrepreneurs

Still loved by developers

Clean code

The code is well-structured to make it easy for editing. Barebones JS and CSS loaded from a CDN by default, with media queries at the right breakpoints for complete responsive control.

Save time

Work on your business, not on hand-coding your landing page. What's your time worth?

SEO friendly

Make your page snappy by lazy loading your images (by default on this theme). You'll have plenty of room for your keywords. Add good content to maintain a low bounce rate.

Include dozens of product photos on your site

Carousels and parallax FX have their accessibility problems, especially the rotating pictures on timers.  They also don't translate well into mobile. Here's the gallery solution we recommend, perfect for showcasing your company catalogs or product features.